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Education Tech

Welcome to Markoshh's specialized Ed Tech Services, where innovation merges seamlessly with education. As a pioneering digital marketing agency, we're committed to elevating educational institutions like Akal Academy and Eternal University to the forefront of the digital learning landscape.


Tailored Strategies

Crafted solutions that align with the unique goals of educational institutions, amplifying engagement and fostering a tech-savvy learning environment.

campus branding

Campus Branding

Strategically position educational brands through data-driven branding campaigns, showcasing their distinct academic offerings.

student recruitment

Strategic Student Recruitment

Employ targeted online campaigns to attract prospective students, utilizing data analytics to identify and engage with the right audience.

virtual campus tour

Virtual Campus Tours

Leverage virtual reality (VR) to offer prospective students interactive virtual campus tours, providing a glimpse into the educational experience.

interactive content creation

Interactive Content Creation

Design engaging e-learning content such as videos, quizzes, and interactive modules, fostering a dynamic learning ecosystem.

Empower educational institutions with Markoshh's specialized Ed Tech Services. Embrace the future of education through innovative strategies that seamlessly integrate technology into the learning process.

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