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Our Clients

2b innovations

2B Innovations

Technology Solutions

As a valued partner to 2B Innovations, we collaborated on enhancing the digital presence of their clients in the technology solutions sector. Our strategic SEO services played a pivotal role in boosting the online visibility of their clients' innovative offerings. Through tailored digital marketing initiatives, we engaged their target audience effectively, contributing to elevated brand recognition and growth.


 Publishing & E-learning

Collaborating with Impelsys, we crafted a tailored digital strategy that resonated with their specialized services in the publishing and e-learning sectors. Our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, content creation, and design solutions effectively conveyed their unique value proposition.

ABS developers

ABS Developers

Real Estate Projects and Sales.

We collaborated with ABS Developers to create a digital presence that resonated with their real estate projects. We designed captivating videos and image creatives that effectively showcased their offerings. Moreover, we played a pivotal role in driving sales and engaging site visits.

Brahmaputra Jungle Resort


Collaborating with Brahmaputra Jungle Resort, we crafted a comprehensive strategy to elevate their online identity. Our services included managing their social media platforms, designing impactful ads campaigns, crafting engaging blog content, and providing strategic SEO services. Captivating visuals and videos showcased the resort's offerings, leading to enhanced bookings, sales, and online visibility.

brahmaputra jungle resort
Narayani Infratech

Narayani Infratech

Real Estate

Our partnership with NARAYANI Infratech involved a comprehensive approach to their online presence. We managed their social media platforms and handled website management. Our creation of landing pages, engaging offers, and meticulously planned ads campaigns contributed significantly to their digital success. Beyond digital aspects, we also actively participated in managing sales inquiries and organizing on-site visits.

Baruah Construction

Real Estate

With Baruah Construction, we undertook a multifaceted approach to enhance their digital footprint. Our services encompassed social media management, creating impactful landing pages, formulating enticing offers, and strategically crafting ads campaigns. Our involvement extended to actively generating leads, managing sales inquiries, and coordinating successful on-site visits.

baruah construction
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