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Our Clients

We have worked across industries and across verticals. We have a diverse set of clients ranging from a school, college, hospital to real estate. We also have worked for new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR as well

We have clients from F&B like Brahmaputra Jungle Resort and Swissotel and E-commerce players like Aranyani, Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd. We also cater to schools like Capstone High and Event Industries like Tath-Astu. We are working for Artificial Intelligence driven product like Botspice

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A Good Mixture

We have clients from media industry such as DNA and Promoion Pundits. We too have worked for Oracle which is an industry giant. We have a real estate client, Dhruva Projects and have worked for an Edtech company like Conduira Online as well.

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