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Best street foods in Guwahati

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Assam has developed unique foods that you will not find anywhere else in India due to its strong influences from neighboring states and countries. At street food stalls across Assam, you will see Tibetan, Burmese, and even Bangladeshi-inspired dishes, so let's take a look at the top 10 street foods to try in Guwahati.

Here are some quick facts about Guwahati foods

  • In Assamese cuisine, fermented fruit and vegetables are commonly used, and spices are avoided altogether. Suppose you’re an adventurous eater. You’ll love it.

  • From pork to fish to duck and even silkworms, Assamese food caters to both vegetarians and meat lovers. There’s plenty of fresh local produce for excellent vegetarian meals, and Assamese love their meat.

  • You can find a hundred food vendors on street corners in Guwahati with hand carts and bicycles, especially in busy markets.

Here are some of the local street foods you must try in Guwahati, from momos to jhal muri. In Guwahati, you can find versatile dumplings, streamed or deeply fried, around any street corner, and it is a favorite snack for locals and tourists.

1. Momos

  • You can find this dumpling on any street corner in Guwahati, and it is a favorite snack among locals and tourists alike. Momo is the most popular northeastern dish so far.

  • A traditional Assamese chili dip is usually served with these tasty, mildly flavored morsels, which may be stuffed with mushrooms, paneer, vegetables, chicken, prawns, or pork.

2. Shawarma Roll

  • A Middle Eastern sandwich known as a "shawarma roll" is made by roasting chicken or lamb on a spit. After the meat has been removed, it is cut into slices and combined with vegetables, including cream, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickles, within a pita or wrap. Then a condiment, such as mayo or garlic sauce, is sprinkled over top. The wrap is then folded into a compact, portable sandwich that is easy to eat on the go. Shawarma rolls are a popular street food in Guwahati because of their unique and wonderful flavor.

3. Thukpa

  • Thukpa is a traditional Guwahati delicacy and a favorite of many. Its light texture on the stomach contains nourishing ingredients and is sure to bring you comfort. The aromas of the lemongrass, ginger, and fish sauce are delightful, while the garnishes of the vegetarian essentials, pieces of chicken, pork, prawns, spring onions, and fresh herbs add to their unique texture and flavor. It not only fills your tummy but also satisfies your soul!

4. Assam Tea

  • This region boasts the largest tea plantations on the planet and Assam’s indigenous crop, the finest tea on earth. Assam tea was prepared in a variety of ways, and the state and country enjoyed exporting it to the world.

  • Almost everywhere in Guwahati, you can find a good cup of tea at every stall, every restaurant, and every home. Served in some remote places with yak's milk and sometimes it's salty rather than sweets, you will be surprised and inspired by the unique and traditional ways in which it is prepared and served.

5. Tekeli pitha

  • There is a filling made of jaggery and grated coconut in Tekeli Pitha, which is prepared from rice flour cakes. A unique flavor is imparted to the dish by local aromatic ingredients, which are then steamed to keep it healthy. The preparation process makes the dish a powerhouse of multiple nutrients, so it is usually served with a cup of tea to make a wholesome and complete breakfast.

6. Silkworms Fry

  • In Assam, silkworm fry is a widely consumed food. It is produced from silkworms, as suggested by its name, a product that is unknown in the rest of India. One of the unique foods consumed by the Assamese tribes is the silkworm. You'll enjoy this tasty snack, which is fried crisp with spices on the surface and soft and cheesy on the inside.

  • Take a bite for an experience that will probably surprise you and leave you craving more.

7. Chowmein

  • Chowmein, a meal of fried noodles, vegetables, and chicken, is well-liked in the region since Assam's food is highly inspired by Tibetan cooking. Chowmein is a popular fast food item offered at roadside stands in the state and is now famous by this name across the nation.

  • Due to their closeness and Tibetan influences, Assamese and Tibetan cuisine have several items in common, including the popular Chinese dish chowmein.

  • ChowMein, a beautiful homemade noodle meal stir-fried with fresh veggies and chopped pork or chicken, is available from roadside stalls all around the state.

8. Chaat

  • Many Indian cities serve chaat as street food, including Guwahati. The term "chaat" refers to a type of snack food made from a mixture of ingredients such as spiced potatoes, lentils, chutneys, and spices. It can be served as a plate or a sandwich. Chaat vendors in Guwahati sell a variety of dishes, including bhel puri, pani puri, dahi puri, and aloo tikki chaat.

  • As a combination of sweet, sour, spicy, and crunchy ingredients, chaat is a favorite food in India due to its unique combination of flavors and textures. Authentic and delicious chaat is served fresh to order by street stalls in Guwahati using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. In Guwahati, chaat is a must-try street food, whether you're a local or a visitor.

9. Chop

  • "Chop" is a street food snack popular in the northeastern region of India, including Guwahati. It is a deep-fried, savory snack that is made of potatoes, spices, and sometimes small pieces of chicken. It's shaped like a patty or cylinder and deep-fried. As a snack or as part of a meal, it is often served with dipping sauces or chutneys.

  • Chop is a popular street food item in Guwahati, often sold by street vendors and food carts. It is known for its crispy texture and delicious flavor and is a must-try snack for foodies who love street food. There is a rich street food culture in the city, which contributes to the popularity of chop as well as other street food items and attracts both locals and tourists.

10. Gughni

  • Street food snacks such as gughni are popular in the northeastern parts of India, including Guwahati. This dish consists of boiled chickpeas, spices, and herbs that are simmered in a spicy tomato sauce. It is usually eaten as a side dish or as a filling for street food items like kachori and puri.

  • In Guwahati, gughni is a well-known street food item that can be found at street vendors and food stalls. The dish is well-loved for its flavorful blend of spices and its hearty, filling nature. An important street food item in Guwahati that offers a taste of the region's unique culinary heritage, gughni is a popular snack or meal.

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