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Dzoukou Valley - Something Different On Planet Earth

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Did you know that the valley lies between Manipur and Nagaland in the far northeastern part of our country, India?

Have you wondered about the taste of some food you have not tried?

Well, Dzoukou valley is one such wonder on planet that you would definitely want to visit and not miss on the growing numbers who are flocking in from all over the globe now.

Just as the n ame suggests Dzoukou means "soulless or dull " but to your astonishment you will find the valley beautiful and just as close to being called a heaven on earth.

The valley got its name from the early inhabitants who tried to settle there and come up with crop farming but as luck would have it they could not grow crops in the valley. They had to look for alternatives for livelihood and in that process named the valley a soulless or dull place.


The chieftain or the emperor had a dream and in his much highlighted dream the spirit-gods "Tevrümi" asked him 7 roosters at the cost of settling in the valley. The interpretation of that dream was that the Tevrümi i.e. spirit-gods is asking to give the 7 best male youth warriors as a sacrifice. But to which, the chief could not give his consent to and sacrifice his best male warriors. He also send some youth to the valley to bring the soil to him and so they did as requested. The chief elder checked the soil and he said that the land was very fertile and but not appropriate for vegetation.

We find the rare Dzoukou Lilies here in this valley. Flora here is absolutely mesmerizing.

The way to reach the valley is simple but yet demanding. There is a new 5 hour trek route opened by the MMTA couple of years back. It is siutated the foothills of Viswema village. The nearest commercial airport is Guwahati.

Lokmai, a tour agency there takes care of your itinerary and looks after your accommodation and food requirements as well. If you want to get more info about the same please feel free to email us and we can guide you for the same.

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