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How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Digital Marketing.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

When applying for jobs, people spend a lot of time and energy crafting the ideal digital marketing CV, but frequently the cover letter is neglected or treated as an aside. Yet that's a major error.

83 percent of HR professionals think cover letters play a significant role in their recruiting choices, and 83 percent believe that a strong cover letter may land you an interview even if your resume isn't strong enough.

Consider yourself a busy recruiter or HR executive who has to sort through a large number of applications. You check your mailbox and see another generic, uninspiring cover letter. There is a huge no. Likewise, the candidate is to make sure she's not the one who gets put in the "no" pile. Get 5 practical suggestions for writing a digital marketing cover letter that will be read, remembered, and forwarded.

Why is a strong cover letter important?

There is fierce competition in the job market, and although digital marketers are in demand, they should be positioned with an attractive salary, excellent benefits, and potential for advancement. Unlike a CV, a cover letter gives you the chance to highlight your experience, abilities, and personality. It is the first thing anyone reviewing applications will read.

So, it is worthwhile to spend time creating a cover letter that demonstrates your understanding of the position, corporate knowledge, relevant experience, and drive to make it your own.

You have one page to write a cover letter to:

  • Make employers curious

  • Show how you're a good match for the job and the organization.

  • Display your identity

  • Make them smile by picking up the phone.

  • Now let's get going!

1. Say the Lingo,

Make sure you provide your future employer with the motivation and enthusiasm they need in your cover letter. You must adopt the same tone, pick up the vocabulary, and comprehend business jargon. Contemporary cover letters don't have to be dull, stiff, or formal, especially if you want to work in a creative and exciting atmosphere.

For instance, this cover letter employs an eye-catching, compelling photo, and social network accounts to stand out.

2. Show the "Fit"

One excellent cover letter is not sufficient. It must be customized for each job description.

Thus, each one you submit should demonstrate how you "fit" this position and company. Adapting your cover letter goes beyond simply addressing it to the appropriate recipient inside the company (although you should absolutely do this). It involves tailoring your entire being to meet the requirements and preferences of your future employer. Focus on the core of the issue by -

1. Explain your desire to work with them.

2. Explain why they should choose you.

In order to highlight how specifically you "fit" the role description, organization, and culture, you should also showcase your value proposition. Make comparisons between what you do, what the firm does, and what is required by the job description.

For instance, if they're searching for a "Content Executive" who is innovative and results-oriented, you might give an example of a campaign idea you've produced that has resulted in leads or sales.

3. Be Specific & Clear

A cover letter should be one page in length and be short. You and your purpose should be stated in the opening line (to get the job). The first sentence? It must state clearly why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

How? To identify the essential quality a potential employer is looking for, look for repeating words, synonyms, and required skills. In the first sentence or two, you should demonstrate your love of math and strategy if they're searching for someone with "an analytical mind," for instance. A wonderful spot to include your years of industry expertise is in your opening paragraph (especially if the number is rather impressive).

4. Provide More Than Your Cv

A strong digital marketing CV will be properly structured, loaded with data, timelines, and simplified achievements. Your cover letter is your one and only opportunity to elaborate on these bullet points and give your personal narrative additional depth.

Say, for instance, that according to your resume, you grew leads for your business by 30% in a quarter. You can describe the strategies you used, the challenges you faced, and how you led a team to attain this metric.

This will shine a light on your "soft abilities," such as drive, flexibility, teamwork, and communication, for a future employer. These "soft talents" are frequently what may make the difference between you receiving the job and being passed over in favor of a more well-rounded applicant.

5. End with a call to action.

Just as crucial as how you begin your cover letter is how you conclude it. Your last sentence serves three functions.

1. To repeat your excitement about the position and why you think you'd be a good match.

2. To repeat the value you can add to the position and the business.

3. To offer a strong and clear call to action for how your future employer may contact you.

Just consider your digital marketing campaigns: in order to engage prospects, you must include a relevant CTA. Your cover letter is no different.

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