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What Use Does Digital Marketing Play In The Real Estate Industry?

The real estate industry benefits greatly from digital marketing. With the use of digital marketing, real estate businesses may interact with more people, establish an online presence, and extend their reach in the world we live in today. In addition to helping businesses reach a wider audience, digital marketing also enables them to interact with potential clients by producing leads that may be effectively converted into sales.

In the past, while seeking information about appropriate houses, individuals solely depended on agencies and publications. People in this age are now totally reliant on the Internet. Internet marketing is therefore essential to the real estate industry.

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that is more cost-effective than other marketing strategies since, as we all know, the real estate industry is pretty pricey.

Why are digital marketing initiatives crucial for the real estate industry?

The predicted profits for e-commerce businesses are rising in proportion to the daily growth in internet users, thus it is essential to assert our position in the digital world aggressively. In comparison to marketing on television, radio, print, etc., it is providing a larger return on investment. Also, the country's younger population and NRIs are digitally aware, making it simple for them to interact with this kind of marketing. So, it is crucial to control this space. Several real estate players have already seen success in their digital marketing campaigns. For instance, Tata Value Homes nearly sold all 700 of its residences.

Let's look at another Godrej property as an example: They quickly sold all 695 of their units in Sector 104 in Gurgaon. A significant component that attracted several clients who later became potential purchasers was digital marketing. The launch has been planned by our marketing team for the past six to eight months, according to Girish Shah, vice president of sales and marketing at Godrej Properties. It has taken a lot of effort to accomplish that. Our marketing approach has been gradually adjusted to fit our newly defined target market, which consists of young single persons in their late 20s. Home purchasers used to be in their early 40s in the past, but now they are mostly young, single professionals with good computer skills. So, we have moved our attention to digital marketing.

Digital media receives 20% of Godrej Properties' overall marketing spend. By taking a fresh approach in this area, they introduced the "Live 24/7 Chat" option to allow clients to get answers to their questions whenever they need them. The firm is focused on many touchscreens and an "augmented reality app" on its website to view the interactive 3D overview of the property.

How Can the Markoshh Digital Marketing Agency Help the Real Estate Industry?

The best Guwahati-based real estate digital marketing agency, Markoshh, supports the real estate industry in a number of ways.

Social media platforms: By increasing their online presence, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Messenger, Whatsapp, and others may assist the real estate industry in connecting with customers. Our team at Markoshh Digital Marketing Agency will use specific tactics in situations where the company may expand its reach and generate good leads.

Search engine optimization and website development: SEO and website development are essential for every professional firm. Our expert team will create an SEO-optimized website that is user-friendly. For websites to rank well in search engines, our team will use certain particular SEO techniques.

Blog Content: A website without blog content is analogous to a hamburger without a bun. There should be blog content on the real estate firm website. Our staff will write and publish high-quality blog posts that will support the website's SEO tactics.

Image and Video Creative: People are considerably more accustomed to seeing pictures and videos these days than they are to reading paragraphs that are structured like essays. Our professionals will produce top-notch pictures and videos that are in line with the requirements of the organization.


Online marketing is crucial and extremely successful if any real estate firm wants to be at the top. One thing they should keep in mind while doing digital marketing is that they are going to offer the best value. They should exercise extreme caution when disclosing information online because they will be involved in someone's extremely crucial housing selections.
You should put an end to your search right here if you are still trying to find the ideal digital marketing company for your real estate company. Join us and let's create something significant together.

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