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9 Habits That Can Make You Wealthy - Observed in Leaders

Well first things first...

How do we make money?

Wish we could have minted it or created it. But creation is diverse your focus best works when it is singular.

Just a cross over point....

Is money everything?

If your answer is no, then please do go through the entire article till the end. If your answer is yes then kindly buckle up for the 9 mantras described below. These traits has been observed in possibly every CEO around the globe.

1. Develop a Skill

You need to develop or learn some kind of skills set which would fetch you a job, preferably a skill which can earn you money as a freelancer as well. The possession of these skills will ensure constant inflow of money without any risk. Its important to consistently stay engaged and updated in these skill throughout the journey of wealth creation.

2. Habit of Learning

Devoting few hours each day to learn something new, preferably something complimenting the skills you are already good at, is the key to growth.

Never Never Never compromise with this habit.

3. Try and develop a vision

Awareness is prerequisite for a person to develop a vision, an ambition to bring on platter an innovative product or service. Gather as much information as possible with regards to products/services you are interested in. This knowledge will make things clear for you to decide exactly what kind of service given by you can make a difference on this planet.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe…

Abraham Lincoln

4. Save Money

Intellectuals around the world suggests that growth can only be sustained by

Ø Virtuous cycle of savings

Ø Investment

Economic Research has also shown that savings and growth are not only positively correlated but their positive correlation is even stronger than that between growth and investment. As investment is risky, entrepreneurs are exposed to the risk of idiosyncratic failure that leads to the loss of the invested capital, a lucrative balance between risk and savings is necessary.

5. Get a Guide

Find a guide and a mentor who is a knowledgeable intellectual in the concerned field you plan to conquer.

6. Develop a team of Trustworthy people

Being surrounded by trustworthy people allows you to focus more on real issues. I personally believe it makes problems easier to handle. Appreciate them.

7. Start Networking

No other kind of investment gives you as much dividend as investment in networking does. It makes your project grow manifold.

"Opposite of Networking is Notworking"

8. Handle health with care

Physical and mental health must be taken utmost care.

“Health is wealth” is the most valuable and the most underrated statement I have ever heard.

9. A joyful heart

A joyous heart remains energetic and ever imaginative. Always keep the “feel good factor” active.

The Accumulated Positive energy of the above factors and willpower is above all that works in tandem with your hard work to make your venture successful.

Find The 9 Mantras Below:

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