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Five important marketing activities to build brands in the digital era

Every interaction that a company makes with their customers plays a crucial role in building a brand

and turning them into customers favorite brand. Companies can achieve this favoritism and generate

word-of-mouth among the people that helps them to gain earned media. This involves various steps

and each step should be accompanied with a proper planning and strategy in place.

Below are some of the many interactions that a company can establish in the market and differentiate

from competitors to attract customers:

1. Website:

An online presence has become necessary for every kind of business with the increasing number of

people searching for information online.

A website is the face of the company that provides people with all the information about the company.

These websites can be of different types and choosing among these types depends on what purpose

the company wants to serve. For example, an e-commerce website requires different layout, payment

options, user personas etc. whereas a brochure website typically have about us, gallery pages etc.

2. Campaigns:

Companies promote their products and services through various types of media like radio,TV,print and

other online platforms. These campaigns require a strategy that can solve a particular business

requirement. For example, to educate customers, to promote or to increase footprint or sales etc. each of these may need different marketing campaigns.

3. Digital Marketing:

It is an online marketing effort by a company to drive engagement, conversions or traffic. Digital

marketing includes planning, development and management. Company should outline goals that should be met at each of the stages in order to achieve overall business objectives.

4. Content creation:

Content is providing information to the end users in specific contexts. This requires focused approach

to create relevant, valuable and consistent content that attracts and retain your audience. Content

can be produced in various forms, for example blogging, photography,article writing, videography etc.

5. Social media engagement:

It is also necessary to engage your audience through various social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other related accounts. Various posts shared through these official handles provide proper metrics to measure the performance of various marketing activities.

Thus, your interaction with audience should be a continuous process and not just a one-time thing.

All the above mentioned activities should involve a combination of proper market research, strategy, development at various stages that should be formulated to make informed decisions and also to satisfy your user personas.

If you are looking to implement any of these marketing activities, we are here to help you solve your business needs.

At Markoshh, we provide all these services with utmost understanding of your user personas

using our rich industry expertise, by enabling strategies with design thinking and minimalistic approach that best suits your business needs. We at Markoshh don't limit ourselves at formulating strategy but also keep checkpoints to measure its performance.

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